What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.


In March of 2015, I decided to sell my home. I called several realtors and discovered I would be getting nothing for the home I had put so much effort into making it the best I could.

A friend put my home on line as ” sell by owner” and she would assist me with all issues. When I went online to see my home, I discovered that the homes in my area were on the sellers block for more then 6 months to a year. Fortunately for me Sean saw my website and called me. Our first meeting was very interesting as Sean is a police officer in Marple and my son is one in Springfield, and Sean knew my son. Also, Sean’s “Irish Charm” was definitely a plus!! There was a connection and I felt so much more comfortable.

Sean located 5 potential customers and I showed my home. It was wonderful, all 5 customers and their families were people I would love to have living in my home!All of these lovely people were hard working individuals with such a desire to own a home for themselves and were so excited with each room they viewed, their comments were,,, this could be such and such room or wouldn’t such and such love this room. Each family that viewed my home became a friend, we talked and I spent time with people I would love living in my neighborhood. I had a wonderful experience and now there is a lovely young woman living in my home with her children and hopefully she is enjoying it as I had.

When I told family about my decision to go with Code3, they were skeptical but as the process moved forward they decided Mom was on the right track and I was out of my home and moving forward with my life within a month and a half!

Sean has given me the flexibility that I needed and he is always accessible for any questions or concerns. That is something I appreciate more then anything as most companies you deal with today are totally non connective!! This new way of selling a home is so workable and moves with ease. Sean locates the right people for the home and you just show it. Its easy and safe, I’m so happy I went with Code3 and will always be thankful to Sean for being there for me..

Our Partner Testimonials
(National Property Team)

I was trying to sell my house on my own with no luck for 2 years now. Chris Prefontaine met with me any explained my options on the house. Chris laid everything out on paper for me with no hidden fee’s or questions. After reviewing everything I signed up and in 2 months Chris had a contract with a lease ready for me to sign. Signed via email and all is going smoothly. Very easy. Chris did it all. Very happy, got what I wanted for the house. Recommend service.

I was introduced to Chris & Pre Property Solutions through a letter in the mail. I was thinking about selling the property so the timing amazingly was perfect! I spoke to Chris that day and met with him at the property that week, I then had his proposal within a few days. The offer was the price I wanted. Within 2 months we closed, he paid the closing costs & I have been receiving the Payments no later then the first of the month as promised. Since the close I have seen Improvements to the property on a steady basis. All went quickly and the Company communicates in a timely manner to the smallest of concerns. I would not think twice about working with Chris again or recommending him & the staff to others interested in doing business with them.

We met Chris when he looked at another property our family owned. We then called before leaving the State and Chris and his son Nick came right out to meet us. They were very friendly, courteous and professional at all times during our real estate transaction. Anytime we contacted Chris, he responded immediately. He was very attentive to issues big or small. We always had the feeling that he tried to provide the best possible service at all times as we went from the first meeting to their actual purchase/closing. A pleasure to work with. We sold to them at our full asking price and will receive monthly payments with full payout in four years whether he as a buyer or not. On top of that, they paid 100% of our closing costs and their attorney handled all the paperwork. A win-win all around for all.
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